Physical Therapist

  1. Job Description

    Physical Therapy is a paramedical science used to promote physical function and to prevent physical deformities. This is accomplished through the use of heat, cold, water, electricity, manipulations, massage, exercise and mechanical devices.


    The Physical Therapy is to assist the Medical Staff in the treatment of their patient by offering qualified personnel to administer the treatments using the best techniques and equipment available. The objective of the treatment program is to alleviate the patient’s disability to the degree possible and to restore the patient to the maximum level of function attainable on an individual level The Physical Therapy is responsible for the application of treatment modalities and methods that are recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association and prescribed by a member of the Medical Staff of The Physician’s Hospital in Anadarko. The Physical Therapist is available as a resource for professional knowledge concerning physical therapy and rehabilitation.


    1) Schedule treatments to be given with nursing personnel assistance.

    2) Tend to the care, safety, and comfort of patients during their treatment.

    3) Instruct patients and family regarding physical therapy to be done at home.

    4) Prepare, submit, and maintain records as required by physicians and administration.

    5) Train and supervise personnel assigned to the Physical Therapy .

    6) Work with Administration in establishing a basic charge schedule.

    7) Schedule maintenance of equipment.

    8) Ensure that the appearance of the is appropriate and clean.

    9) Advise Administration regarding new equipment purchases.


    The Physical Therapy keeps on file written instructions for common problems which would require follow-up care. When the need arises, the appropriate care plan is copied for the patient. This plan is then demonstrated and explained in detail to the patient so that he/she may then carry out the treatment plan on a home basis. Follow-up plans are documented in the patient’s physical therapy record. When patients no longer require service of physical medicine, the therapist will instruct nursing in follow-up care required by the patient. When the patients are discharged, nursing service shall advise physical therapy as to the disposition of equipment, the need for outpatient care, or Home Health Agency will be utilized as necessary when the patient

    is dismissed from the hospital.


    Every effort is made to keep the Medical Staff aware of new techniques, equipment, or changes involving the Physical Therapy. When new equipment or techniques are initiated, physicians are to be informed verbally or by letter, provided with all available literature on the subject, and given a demonstration when applicable.


    The Registered Physical Therapist will participate in continuing education. This may include attendance at district meetings of the State Physical Therapy Association, attendance at Regional post-graduate courses for physical therapy, and/or, when possible, attendance at national conventions for physical therapy which provide many pertinent subjects for post-graduate study.