Maintenance Worker


¨        Maintains and repairs finish of interior walls and doors with plaster and paint or stain and varnish as needed.¨        Prepares surfaces according to type of finish

¨        Constructs new walls as determined

¨        Makes decorative textures in finish coat as determined

¨        Construct and finish furniture and or fixtures as determined

¨        Maintains and repairs furniture and fixtures as needed.

¨        Maintains equipment and hand tools for job duties

¨        Performs inspections and performs alterations and repairs as needed

¨        Carries out preventative maintenance procedures

¨        Performing other duties as assigned or as necessary

¨        Education:
            a.  High School Diploma or equivalent
             b. Trade or Vocational school training in area
¨        Experience:
             a. One year experience preferred
¨        Special Requirements:
  • Color perception required
  • Capable of performing a variety of different duties
  • Able to prioritize responsibilities